Alysha M. Campbell’s 4A’s DEI Method & Pick My Brain Session

my 4-piece framework that takes organizations from confusion to clarity on their DEI framework to creating a more inclusive culture

Friday, August 5th @ 12 pm EST

4 A’s DEI Framework

This is the framework I use with all my clients to help them assess, analyze and build, implement and measure powerful workplace culture and change with the core of DEI in the center. My award-winning process has allowed my clients to see and experience incredible transformation from increasing their diversity recruitment efforts in 8 months vs. 12 months, allowing them to scale their grassroots efforts that have led to engaged and activated task forces, ERGs, and courageous conversations to enrich the learning and growth of the DEI Culture.

In this session, Alysha will teach you:


We’ll show you the key components you need for your audit, including employee demographics, hiring and promotion practices, organizational culture, and more.


Knowing how to analyze your data so that you can see the gaps and work on improving diversity, equity and inclusion in your organization immediately with the right actions.

Action Plan

Power of an action plan and how to build one that is custom and tailored just for you.


How to foolproof your ideas and make them easy for anyone on your team or workforce to manage.

Bring your questions for the 15 minute Pick My brain Q&A

How to advance your DEI strategy to the next level

How I created my methodology

How to manage pushback

How to manage a DEI strategy solo

Presented by
Alysha M. Campbell 

3-time award-winning DEI leader and CultureShift HR CEO Alysha M. Campbell is hosting a 45 min webinar on her award winning 4 A’s DEI Method to create a successful and scalable DEI strategy.