Progress Not Perfection: 4 ways for Business Leaders to close the Gender Gap Today

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Women’s History Month is a time to honor and recognize the incredible impact of women around the globe. 

An opportunity for executives to assess how far they have come in advocating gender equality, this month can bring transformative change for the gender gap if done right.

Photo of a black woman as visual for this blog article entitled "#ProgressNotPerfection: 4 ways for Business Leaders to close the Gender Gap" to. celebrate the opening of Women's History Month.
Closing the Gender Gap this Women’s History Month

Let’s take action together by implementing six strategies that will make strides toward greater equality across business environments. Here are our top tips:

1. Promote from Within 

The first step in closing the gender gap is to start promoting from within. Companies should be taking a hard look at their current talent pool and developing strategies to ensure that qualified women throughout the organization have access to career advancement opportunities. 

Of course, this also means providing training, mentorship programs, and other resources specifically designed for women. 

Doing so helps level the playing field and allows companies to capitalize on existing talent pools while actively encouraging more diverse hiring practices. 

2. Reevaluate Your Recruiting Processes 

Take a critical look at their recruiting processes in order to ensure that they are truly inclusive of all genders. Here are some ways to evaluate your recruiting process:

a. Examine the language included in job postings. Ensure that your organization avoids gendered words or phrases such as “he/she”, instead try to incorporate “they/them”.

b. Evaluate existing recruitment channels and ensure your organization is tapping all those available. For example, women tend to prefer referrals over online applications.

c. Look into salary negotiation policies. From the onset, are men being paid more than women? This is a pertinent question that needs to be answered.

d. Finally, consider implicit biases in interview panels. Is there an equal number of male/female panelists? 

Taking steps such as these can help make sure that potential employees have equal chances of making it through each stage of the recruiting process regardless of gender identity or expression. 

3. Prioritize Flexible Work Schedules 

Another way businesses can close the gender gap is by offering flexible work schedules for both men and women alike. 

Flexible scheduling options give everyone—not just women—the ability to balance personal life with professional commitments, which can lead to higher retention rates and improved morale among employees. 

Companies should also strive to create working environments where telecommuting is encouraged; this will allow them to tap into a larger pool of talented professionals who may otherwise be excluded due to geographical constraints or other obligations that prevent them from committing full-time hours in an office setting. 

4. Invest in Training and Education Programs 

Businesses should invest in training and education programs that promote diversity among their workforce. 

By offering courses on topics such as unconscious bias, diversity & inclusion awareness, cultural intelligence, sexual harassment prevention, etc., companies can create more inclusive workplaces while equipping their employees with crucial knowledge about how best to interact with colleagues from different backgrounds or experiences. 

Additionally, organizations should ensure that these pieces of training are mandatory for all staff members—not just management—in order to foster an environment where everyone feels safe and respected regardless of their identity or affiliation within the company hierarchy. 

Progress cannot be achieved overnight.

With commitment and diligence, we can take progressive steps toward achieving gender equality. 

Let us dedicate ourselves to creating a more equitable future; one where all people enjoy the same rights and opportunities without exception. Let’s work tirelessly to make meaningful changes every day

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